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August 2016

On 4 August 2016, the Transport and Infrastructure Council approved the release of updated guidance on transport assessment and planning. The new guidance will be referred to as the ATAP (Australian Transport Assessment and Planning) Guidelines and will replace the previousNational Guidelines for Transport System Management. The Council's Communique stated:

“The Council welcomed the release of the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning (ATAP) Guidelines as part of the completion of the review and update of the National Guidelines for Transport System Management in Australia.

Council agreed to the public release of the ATAP Guidelines, recognising that they will form the single, definitive national source of guidance on transport planning and evaluation. The release of the website is the culmination of three years' work to align processes associated with transport planning and evaluation with global best practice, and includes new sections such as active travel and integrated transport and land use planning. The ATAP Guidelines will continue to be updated iteratively, recognising, amongst other things, that updated parameter values and the provision of worked examples are still to be included.”

The new ATAP Guidelines can be accessed at this web address:

The ATAP Guidelines will be a living document, and will continue to evolve as new research is undertaken. An ATAP Working Group has been established to ensure the Guidelines remain up to date and relevant. This will include continued engagement with relevant stakeholders over time.